production flow
Production Process

It is a long procedure to get a pair of glasses completed, firstly, we load the dried raw plastic particles into the injection pipe, after melt down by high heat, it will then be injected into the mold, after a few seconds cooling, the rough frame and lens is half done. Secondly, several steps are needed, includes trimming, polishing, spray painting, dual-injection and printing. Meanwhile, the lens blank will be trimmed at a proper size accordingly, and then will be applied for various of coating such as anti-fog, anti-scratch, oleophobic, etc., making the lens multi-functional. At last, we assemble the lens and frame together, the eyewear is finally completed.

flow 01

Injection Machine

flow 02

Injection Tube

flow 03


flow polish

Vibration Polish Machine

flow polish


logo printing

LOGO Printing/Stamping

lens cut

Lens Edging


Assembly & Packing

truck loading

Truck Loading & Shipping